Sports Pain Suffering

The Injury Center has over a decade of experience helping thousands of athletes perfect their game or craft. We offers flexible scheduling to accommodate busy athletes and celebrities.  We understands that today’s professional athlete has very little time and often needs total privacy and professionalism. We have as its highest priority; Caring for our athletes!

Through strong strategic alliances, We have the ability to arrange:

  • Direct access to high level medical specialists
  • Internal Medicine
  • Physical Medicine
  • Anti-aging
  • Pain Management
  • Private Hyperbaric treatments (excellent for recovery from training or Jet lag)
  • Intravenous fluid replacement
  • Vitamin supplementation
  • Prepared meal(s) upon request (Professional chef)
  • Deep  Tissue Massage
  • Aesthetics and Professional make up (Red Carpet Ready)
  • Highest Level Sleep Surfaces available (Best mattress you will ever sleep on)
  • Local transportation and other specialty concierge services

Are your sports injuries taking you out of the game?

Sports injuries, whether at the professional level or in the backyard, cause significant pain, disability and loss of enjoyment of activities. Regardless of age, when injuries to bones, joints, muscles and ligaments occur, scar tissue develops. Scar tissue alters the normal biomechanics of the injured joint and causes the sports-injuries-orlandobody to deposit unwanted calcium that results in the formation of bony spurs and arthritis.

Early and aggressive care is the best way to combat these unwanted changes. Our multidisciplinary team approach to sports injuries is utilized at the Osteopathic Sports Injury Doctor. Each treatment plan is unique and specific to each patient’s injury and designed to promote a rapid and full recovery.

We want you to return to the sports and activities that
 you enjoy.

We have experience in treating all levels of sports injuries, from high school to professional athletes. Whether you play football, basketball, soccer, tennis and baseball or enjoy yoga, Pilates, running, swimming, biking or hiking, together we will find the solution to get you back in the game of life.

We are also experienced and have relationships with many Orthopedic Surgeons and Sports Medicine Physicians and understand that our pain treatments go hand in hand with their recommended recovery options.